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Social capital

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6 July 1963
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Я никогда не вру, когда говорю правду, а не шучу.
Когда я шучу, получается быть.
Плачу везде.

..., Умер-Родился, У-РР, УУ-РРРР, УУУУ-РРРРРРРР, ..., АЗ ЕСМЬ

He went from bible Black.
He want to look at one which no exist.
Now he is into this light.
In the long run he grow fond of things, that makes world beautiful.
This things are pain, death and war.
He tried be full, but he cannot be full in this universe.
Because darkness is more roomy than light.
Because darkness contains all that not exist in itself.
on n'est nulle part aussi bien que chez soi

Social capital

  • less than 10